Secrets to Glowing Skin

There is no secret to glowing skin, but it is not through luck.  Clear and beautiful skin is a combination of genetics, skincare maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.  Even if you are not fortunate enough on the genetic side, you can always improve your skin health.

The Basic Do’s

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Get daily exercise
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat your colors

We understand that lifestyle factors affect the aging of the skin.  If you’ve had a late night or fail to drink enough water, you will certainly notice the quality of your skin takes a temporary nose-dive.  If that is your lifestyle, your skin will show age faster.  If you eat a high quality diet and get plenty of sleep and exercise, your skin will thank you.

The Basic Don’ts

  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t vape
  • Don’t tan
  • Don’t drink too much

We also know through years of research that smoking, unprotected sun and excess alcohol increase the aging process for the skin.  Individuals that routinely live a less healthy diet have skin that ages twice as fast as those that lead a healthier lifestyle.

For All Skin Types

  • Never pick your blemishes as that will increase the inflammation and result in longer term discoloration on the face
  • Wash your face every day with a skin cleanser appropriately chosen for your skin type
  • Apply sunscreen every day
  • Apply a Vitamin C serum every night
  • Microneedling every 6-12 weeks

Start the basics early in your life with washing your face, applying sunscreen and adding topical vitamin C.  Microneedling is the perfect maintenance procedure with recurrent stimulation for increased collagen production and glowing skin.

Acne Prone Skin

There is a lot we can do to prevent acne.  The goal is to prevent scar formation from occurring so when you have inflammation, do not pick your skin.  Also, get on a regimen to prevent.  If you have acne even when you are doing the above list, consider stronger medications through dermatology.  And, if you are female and on OCPs, make sure they are the best OCP for your skin.

Sun Damaged Skin

Sun spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation spots from acne are all improved by laser or peeling the skin for faster turnover and recovery.  Certainly, consider a higher dose retinol and adding lightening cream with hydroquinone and other additives.  This process of reversal takes time, so you should plan to visit your facial plastic surgeon or dermatology office once a month for the best results.

Aging Skin

Now it is time to turn up the dial.  Radiofrequency energy is necessary to stimulate the depleting collagen of the face.  A higher dose Vitamin C is needed to fight free radicals that break down collagen.  And, we love the Neocutis line of products with added peptides for aging skin.

Is it a bit of a constant battle to have gorgeous skin?  Yes.  But, it is a battle worth fighting.



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