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Lift That Neck

We all tend to forget about our neck even though it has the pretty important job of holding up the 11 pounds that is our head. But gravity doesn’t forget about our neck. Just look what it does — the jawline can slacken, jowls appear, and folds and fat deposits appear around the neck. Gravity… Read More »

Neck Lift

Don’t Wear a Turtleneck

Who needs a turtleneck in Atlanta? Come on, a cold day in Atlanta would have Minnesota natives sweating.   Or are you wearing a turtleneck to cover the banding and sagging on your neck?   Ah, then a call to Dr. Beaty is in order. He can perform a neck lift and your turtlenecks can… Read More »

Don’t Forget Your Neck

Many times, patients are so focused on their facial aging that they overlook one of the first areas to often show even more dramatic signs of aging — their neck. Your neck has two disadvantages when it comes to aging. First, it is exposed most of the time to the sun and other environmental issues.… Read More »


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