Don’t Wear a Turtleneck

Neck LiftWho needs a turtleneck in Atlanta? Come on, a cold day in Atlanta would have Minnesota natives sweating.

Or are you wearing a turtleneck to cover the banding and sagging on your neck?

Ah, then a call to Dr. Beaty is in order. He can perform a neck lift and your turtlenecks can go live with your old bootcut jeans.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that repositions both the skin and the underlying support tissues on your neck. Often combined with a facelift, a neck lift improves the structural definition on the neck and tightens the skin. One main goal is to remove banding that is a unique facet of aging on our necks.

Would a neck lift be right for me?

Many people overlook the neck when they think of addressing signs of aging. But what good is a facelift if you’re still showing your age just below your chin? A neck lift with Dr. Beaty will improve your jawline profile and will remove fat pockets under your chin that are contributing to a double chin. It will also address sagging and banding on the middle and lower neck.

How is a neck lift done?

A neck lift starts with an incision behind the ear. Through that incision, Dr. Beaty is able to reposition and adjust underlying fat and muscle. Then he will trim excess sagging skin, and re-drape the skin into a higher final position. To remove fat in the jowls, Dr. Beaty usually uses a small amount of liposuction. This helps create a sculpted, more defined profile.

Neck lifts take from 2-4 hours and are usually outpatient procedures.


While it won’t be your old turtleneck, Dr. Beaty will have you in a compression garment to support and add light pressure onto the newly placed skin. This garment helps with swelling and drainage and it allows the skin to adapt to its new underlying contours more quickly. This recovery doesn’t involve acute pain, but you will have some discomfort. Your lower face will feel tight and you’ll have to refrain from elevating your chin for a couple weeks to not stress the area.

Want to do something about that sagging neck? Call Dr. Beaty at (770) 753-0053 to schedule a consultation for a neck lift.

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