Preservation Rhinoplasty

While rhinoplasty has achieved stunning results for countless patients around the world, more traditional structural approaches to nose surgery usually rely on removing some tissue from the nasal framework. A possible complication associated with structural approaches is reduced support for the nose and ultimately a decrease in the longevity of the final outcome. Since the internal structures of the nose are integral to nasal function, it’s generally best to preserve natural tissue whenever possible. Preservation rhinoplasty offers a different approach to the nasal dorsum (bridge) that does not remove tissue from the external nasal framework. This technique was developed over 100 years ago but is performed more frequently now, as we have better equipment available to facilitate the delicate subdorsal maneuvers. 

This variation of nose surgery requires a highly skilled and extensively experienced preservation rhinoplasty surgeon to achieve the refined, natural-looking results that patients desire. Don’t hesitate to contact our Atlanta board-certified facial plastic surgeons to book an appointment and identify the best treatment plan for your concerns. 

What is Preservation Rhinoplasty?

Preservation rhinoplasty is a nose surgery designed to reshape a patient’s nose while preserving as much of the natural bone, cartilage, and tissue of the external nasal dorsum as possible. As a result, outcomes from preservation rhinoplasty tend to look extremely sophisticated and natural. In many cases, patients choose to undergo preservation rhinoplasty rather than traditional structural rhinoplasty to reduce the height of their nasal bridge. With preservation rhinoplasty, our facial plastic surgeons can meticulously remove small pieces of bone and cartilage from underneath the dorsum (nose bridge) to achieve a more balanced and symmetrical contour. 

Dr. Beaty did a wonderful job on my rhinoplasty. I had a short recovery, hardly any pain, and no bruising. I could have returned to work within a week if I wanted. The entire process was wonderful and my expectations have been surpassed! 10/10 recommend for any facial plastic surgery needs. He is the best! And the staff at Beaty are wonderful and so so helpful. - Savannah | Google
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What are the Benefits of Preservation Rhinoplasty?

Each person experiences different benefits from preservation rhinoplasty, but the goal of the procedure is generally to achieve more facial balance, smoother dorsal aesthetic lines and faster healing while maintaining the structural integrity of the nose. Depending on your goals, preservation rhinoplasty can: 

  • Straighten the nose bridge
  • Address breathing issues caused by a deviated septum 
  • Smooth bumps, humps, and other contour irregularities in the nasal dorsum (bridge)
  • Provide a smaller nose shape

Drs. Mark Beaty and Celeste Nagy would be happy to evaluate your concerns and determine whether you’re a good candidate for preservation rhinoplasty. This is considered an advanced, highly effective procedure, and the technique requires the talent and expertise of a skilled facial plastic surgeon to achieve an optimal result. 

Preservation Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

What’s the Difference Between Preservation Rhinoplasty and Structural Rhinoplasty?

While structural rhinoplasty often involves removing a substantial amount of tissue and cartilage, preservation rhinoplasty primarily aims to remodel your existing anatomy to provide a more predictable, natural, and balanced outcome. In general, preservation rhinoplasty stands out from traditional structural nose surgery in many ways, including: 

  • Patients can maintain their natural facial character while still enhancing facial harmony. 
  • Since much of the natural tissue and cartilage of the nose is preserved, the nose bridge may have a larger degree of support when compared to traditional techniques. 
  • There is more nasal bone, cartilage, and tissue available for modification in the event that a patient chooses to undergo revision rhinoplasty

Our facial plastic surgeons are committed to developing the best rhinoplasty treatment plan for your needs and overall goals. Contact Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation at our Atlanta practice, or to speak to a member of our team.

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