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As much as we love to help our patients address their facial concerns with the latest treatment options, we know that there are numerous ways in which the body changes over time, too. Utilizing our extensive knowledge and passion for beauty, we've assembled a variety of treatments that target the areas of the body that tend to cause the most concern. We'd love to consult with you about one of our body contouring services!

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a term that we apply to a number of different cosmetic procedures. Historically, people have thought of body contouring as plastic surgery procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty. Here at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, we take a different approach. All of our body contouring services are non-surgical, and many are completely non-invasive. These work to tighten the skin, tone the muscles, and eliminate stubborn fat.

We perform a number of convenient, effective body contouring procedures, including the following:

Cosmetic body Procedures In Atlanta, GA

Profound Procedure

This non-surgical microneedling procedure is designed to trigger profound tissue remodeling without the risks and recovery of surgery. Performed in the office, the Profound procedure targets the dermis via tiny electrodes that deliver controlled radiofrequency energy directly to the point in which collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are made.


The use of cryolipolysis changed the way we approach localized areas of unwanted fat. The CoolSculpting procedure is known and loved by millions of people who have, through this convenient treatment, realized their ideal body contours without any downtime whatsoever.


CoolTone is a muscle-toning, fat-burning treatment that works by creating a strong electromagnetic field in the deep muscular tissue. The contractions that occur in a short treatment session far out-do what you can accomplish in the gym, resulting in firmer, more contoured body parts. CoolTone is primarily performed on the buttocks and the abdominal muscles.

InBody Assessment

In order to reach body contouring goals, it is important to know your starting point. In our office, we identify that point using our InBody Assessment technique. While you sit comfortably and do not feel a thing, a special Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) device applies low-level electrical currents to your body. These currents move through different types of tissue, including fat and muscle, at different rates. This shows us accurate measurements of each, which we use to personalize your body contouring treatment.


ProLon is a five-day fasting-mimicking diet that gives you everything you need to reset your physiology! This program can be done in conjunction with a broader weight loss plan or as a periodic reset to help you maintain weight and optimal vitality.


When you diet, you hope to lose some weight and reach a certain goal. The thing is, if your diet is not designed for your unique genotype, you may be limited on how much weight you can lose and how quickly you can lose it. The DNAFIT service is our way of jump-starting your weight loss journey from the right foot. Through genetic testing that measures dozens of different data-points, your weight loss program can be completely customized to get the best possible results.

Weight Loss Program

Your weight is unique because of your physiology. To lose weight, you could spin your wheels through who knows how many fad diets, only to be left wanting. A formal weight loss program that includes genetic testing, education, and customization can not only help you lose the weight but lose it for good.

The Laser Center

Laser treatments can address the concerns that arise as a result of aging, sun damage, and other factors. While you're attending to your body contours, you may notice conditions that exacerbate the appearance of cellulite, sagging, and more. Laser devices emit controlled energy that targets specific aspects of the skin. For example, one laser may target unwanted hair, while another may target unwanted tattoo ink. We are proud to offer a variety of laser services, from laser vaginal rejuvenation to spider vein treatments and much more!

Treatment Packages

No single part of your body is presented all by itself. Your neck plays into your facial appearance. Your chest plays into the appearance of your neck, and so on. Knowing this, our experienced team has developed a variety of very special, effective treatment packages to address localized areas.

Am I a Candidate for Body Contouring Treatment?

If you are generally healthy and you have one or more areas of your body that are holding on to fatty tissue, that have begun to sag, or that you'd like to improve in some way, you are a good candidate for body contouring treatment. The variety of services that we perform are non-surgical, carry few risks, and do not require downtime. Each is designed to work with your body's natural fat elimination, muscle-toning, and tissue remodeling processes, making it easy to choose a treatment that is ideal for you.

Can I Combine Body Procedures?

Yes! Body contouring procedures are often combined to get even better results. What's great about our body contouring procedures is that, because they do not involve surgery, combining two or more does not increase risks or downtime!

Why Choose Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery for Your Body Procedure?

The doctors at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery have extraordinary training and clinical experience in the performance of facial and body procedures. Their board certification is representative of their education, but it is their compassion and dedication to individualized patient care that stands out among their patients. Our body contouring services are designed to achieve the very best results by first identifying exactly where you stand in terms of fat-to-muscle ratio. They work naturally and without downtime, and are proven to achieve satisfying, lasting results.

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