Health Forward

What is Health Forward?

Health Forward is comprehensive genetic testing that allows us to understand you from the inside out.

Have you ever tried a diet that just didn’t work for you? How about a skin care regimen that made you break out? Or maybe eating a certain something just doesn’t sit right with your tummy?

Have you ever asked why? Health Forward has the answer.

We are all aware that our bodies, though functionally similar, are individual intricate works of art. And despite our similarities one size does not fit all when it comes to healthcare.

Through nutritional, hormonal, functional, and genetic testing we can determine specifically how things like diet, skin products, and hormonal balance are currently affecting you!

How does Health Forward benefit me?

When we have an in depth look at how your body reacts to daily stressors, we are able to more clearly determine the best health care plan completely tailored to you! That means no more guessing about whether or not what you’re doing is actually healthy for you.

How is the Test Administered?

Most tests are done by venipuncture (blood draw) and take approx. 30 business days to receive your comprehensive results. Once received, your results will be reviewed with you in detail with physician Dr. Laura Beaty. You also be given a specific health care plan and recommendations for your health.

What kind of tests are available?

We offer several types of genetic testing, all which can be initiated in our office.

The Skin I’m In

Analyzes over 70 genetic markers associated with skin health.

Best for determining most productive procedures to maintain nutritional support and long term skin health.

Supplement Smorgasbord

Micro-nutrient testing used to evaluate the function of 35 nutritional components and immune response.

Best for determining best diet and supplement regimen.

The Balancing Act

Hormonal testing.

Best for determining the impact health, aging, mood, metabolism and energy have on your body.

The Path to Fitness

Utilizes genetic markers associated with diet and exercise.

Best for determining what approach should be taken to achieve or maintain your ideal body weight and optimize physical performance.

The Heart of the Matter

Risk Assessment that evaluates markers to quantify your individual risk for developing heart disease or having a heart attack.

Best for determining areas of risk even if you are on medication for cholesterol.

What does your Poo say about you?

Comprehensive GI testing.

Best for determining diversity of bacteria in the gut as well as signs of infection. Managing irritable bowel syndrome.

I Shouldn’t Have Eaten That

Food allergy and sensitivity testing.

Best for determining how commonly eaten foods affect your gut health, physical performance, mood and well-being.

Aging Inside and Out

Telomere testing.

Best for determining how you are aging on the inside as it relates to your biological age.

Can I do more than one test at a time?

Yes! We recommend no more than 2 tests at a time to create a manageable plan. 2nd test offered at 20% off.

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