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Ready for Profound Rejuvenation?

Microneedling has been a popular procedure throughout the aesthetic universe for a number of years. More recently, using radiofrequency energy to rejuvenate the skin has been showing up in more and more treatments. What if you took microneedling and combined it with radiofrequency energy delivery? You’d have some profound skin improvement. You’d have Profound, a… Read More »

More About CoolTone

In this month’s first blog, we introduced CoolTone™, a new body contouring treatment from the company that owns CoolSculpting. CoolTone™ sculpts the muscles in the treatment areas by causing a crazy number of muscle contractions in just 30 minutes. Here’s some more on CoolTone™ and what it can do for our patients. It’s all about… Read More »

Could Spring Mean Longer Eyelashes?

Some women naturally have long, dark eyelashes. Don’t you just hate them? For the rest of us, it’s mascara, eyeliner, and maybe even false eyelashes to get the look we want. But what if there was a way to actually grow your eyelashes longer and thicker? And what if you wouldn’t have to sell your… Read More »

Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is often credited with being the original plastic surgery. It has been around since ancient Egyptian times, around 3,000 B.C. Back then a common punishment for criminals committing theft was rhinectomy. You guessed it — having their nose removed. As you would imagine, enterprising doctors saw a need for reconstructing noses in response to… Read More »

Are You Enthused to Be Infused?

Studies show that the millions of dollars we spend in the U.S. on vitamins and supplements are mostly just being flushed down the toilet. Not to resort to bathroom humor, but it’s just that they all, for the most part, are flushed from our systems in our urine. It all comes down to what is… Read More »


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