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Lift That Neck

We all tend to forget about our neck even though it has the pretty important job of holding up the 11 pounds that is our head. But gravity doesn’t forget about our neck. Just look what it does — the jawline can slacken, jowls appear, and folds and fat deposits appear around the neck. Gravity… Read More »

More About Zapping Away Your Tattoo

In March’s first blog, we talked about laser tattoo removal using our powerful Spectrum laser at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery. We got into the basics of how it works and who is a good candidate. Let’s get into it a little more in this post-Vernal Equinox blog from Dr. Beaty. How many treatments will I… Read More »

Is It Time to Bid Adieu to the Tattoo?

Some things like wine get better with age. Human skin isn’t one of them. So, what does that say about the large dragon tattoo that covers your back? It may look like a dragon today, but in 30 years, it could look more like a jellyfish. Tattoos are popular, especially with Millennials, ages 18 to… Read More »

Why Have Just Microneedling or Radiofrequency Treatments?

The aesthetic world is awash with non-invasive skin tightening treatments. There are various options for delivering radiofrequency energy through the epidermis into the dermis to initiate new production of collagen. And there is microneedling, which creates hundreds of microscopic punctures through the epidermis down into the dermis to trigger the same improvements in collagen production… Read More »

About Those Hands

When considering the signs of aging, people tend to focus on the face, forgetting what is right there in front of them on the table — their hands. Our hands, thanks to their constant exposure to the endless Atlanta sun and typically warm environment, coupled with the volume loss that is a part of aging,… Read More »

Results Can be Profound

If you follow the aesthetic world (as you probably do if you’re here rooting about in Dr. Beaty’s blog), you know there are two treatment areas that have been exploding over the last couple of years — microneedling and radiofrequency treatments for skin rejuvenation. At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, we thought we go those separate… Read More »

Give Your Double Chin the Cold Shoulder

Sagging tissues and aging go together like Atlanta and the Braves. When your stomach muscles and skin sag (usually accompanied by some fat deposits), you’d call that a stomach pooch. When the skin under your chin sags (again accompanied by some local fat pockets), you’d call that a double chin. Most people have heard of… Read More »