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Move Your Health Forward with Genetic Testing

In September’s first blog, we discussed Pathway FIT, our program that uses 40 genetic markers to help our Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery patients lose weight. It does this by identifying the various markers and traits in a person’s DNA that influence how their bodies react to different foods and forms of exercise. Pathway FIT is… Read More »

Lose Weight and Look Great

Most patients I see with weight issues add weight incrementally.  It does not typically all come on in one year, but over the course of many years.  Three pounds over the holidays, a few pounds over a vacation and now the quarantine fifteen.  We add it on and never bother to take our weight back… Read More »

  • Posted on: Sep 22 2020
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How We Use Pathway FIT to Help You Slim Down

A couple months back we introduced our Beaty blog readers to Pathway FIT, an evaluation tool that uses DNA to delve into a person’s health background and make recommendations moving forward. Pathway FIT looks at over 40 genetic markers when creating your completely unique personal report. At Beaty, Dr. Laura Beaty then uses your Pathway… Read More »


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