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Dr. Beaty’s ProLift

A facelift is a facelift, right?   Wrong.   That’s why Dr. Beaty developed his own proprietary procedure called the ProLift™. Rather than making one-size-fits-all determinations prior to surgery, Dr. Beaty instead analyzes the patient’s problem areas all the way through the surgery, creating the perfect pairing of surgical technique with each patient’s unique needs.… Read More »

The ProLift, a Better Facelift Technique

The facelift is one of the original plastic surgery procedures, but Atlanta’s own Dr. Beaty thought it could be improved. The result is the ProLift™. Dr. Beaty developed this new face and neck rejuvenation procedure. It involves a progressive analysis of the patient’s problem areas all the way through the time of the surgery. This… Read More »


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