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One of the primary concerns voiced by patients seeking facial rejuvenation is the desire for natural-looking results. This apprehension is not unique to our practice but is consistently among the top three hesitations for patients nationwide. At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, our paramount objective is to achieve a refreshed and revitalized appearance with features that appear natural and untouched by surgery.

An essential element in consistently delivering natural results lies in comprehending the anatomical changes that occur in the face during the aging process. Our surgeons, with an extensive six-year training focused on facial and neck anatomy and surgery, are equipped to emphasize natural outcomes in every procedure. The surgeon’s skill and artistry are crucial in achieving consistently pleasing and naturally appearing facial results.

Understanding that the aging process manifests diverse changes in the face and neck, we address issues such as loosening supportive structures, volume loss in facial bones and soft tissues, and changes in skin elasticity leading to irregularities and wrinkles. The variation in the rate of these changes among individuals necessitates a customized approach to treatment.

The initial step in ensuring aesthetically desirable and naturally appearing results involves a thorough consultation to establish goals and a tailored plan. By addressing individual concerns, we determine the procedures to be considered and their optimal sequence. Unnatural outcomes often result from mismatched procedures or insufficient skills to perform all necessary procedures, leading to issues like an overly pulled or puffy appearance.

I introduced the ProLIFT technique a decade ago, emphasizing balance and stepwise decision-making during facelift surgery. This philosophy guides all facial surgeries in our practice, emphasizing a balanced and natural outcome. Artistry, balance, and harmonious features are integral not only in facelifts but also in contour-changing procedures like rhinoplasty, otoplasty, and facial implants. We believe that achieving natural-appearing results involves keeping facial features in harmony to maximize aesthetic benefits. At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, our extensive surgical experience and technical skill contribute to realizing your aesthetic goals.

The expectation and goal of every aesthetic procedure should be natural results. Our aim is to enhance your appearance in the best way for you, reflecting the true person inside.

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