Posts From December, 2020

Give Your Double Chin the Cold Shoulder

Sagging tissues and aging go together like Atlanta and the Braves. When your stomach muscles and skin sag (usually accompanied by some fat deposits), you’d call that a stomach pooch. When the skin under your chin sags (again accompanied by some local fat pockets), you’d call that a double chin. Most people have heard of… Read More »

Give Unwanted Fat the Cold Shoulder this Winter

Our Atlanta winters aren’t exactly on the level of Buffalo or Butte, which makes this the perfect time to at least put your unwanted fat under a winter chill with CoolSculpting®. Most people have heard of CoolSculpting® — it’s the world’s most popular non-invasive method of fat removal. One CoolSculpting® session removes 20-25 percent of… Read More »


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