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About Those Hands

When considering the signs of aging, people tend to focus on the face, forgetting what is right there in front of them on the table — their hands. Our hands, thanks to their constant exposure to the endless Atlanta sun and typically warm environment, coupled with the volume loss that is a part of aging,… Read More »

Halloween’s Gone, but Your Hands Are Scary

This year, thanks to this enduring virus, Halloween was less than its usual fun self. But that doesn’t mean the backs of your hands are any less frightening. It’s true, and unfortunate, but as our skin thins with age, coupled with extensive Georgia sun exposure, the backs of our hands can become a highway of… Read More »

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2020
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hand rejuvenation Alpharetta, GA

How Old Are Your Hands?

When we think of aging, we usually think of the skin on our faces, maybe some sagging on our stomach, even our eyelids. What about the backs of the hands? As we age, the skin on the back of our hands thins, plus the hands have the same decrease in collagen production as the rest… Read More »

Hand Rejuvenation Atlanta GA

What About Your Hands?

We may do something about our facial aging, turning back the clock 10 years or so. But then we leave our hands to give away our true age. The backs of our hands suffer volume loss, just like our faces. The skin thins and collagen decreases. This brings the veins and tendons to the forefront… Read More »


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