Posts From October, 2017

Laser Hair Removal Alpharetta GA

Get Rid of the Hair for Good

Lasers are usually seen blasting big stuff like in Star Wars or The Avengers. But they come in pretty handy for blasting millions of little-unwanted things — hair. At Beaty Plastic Surgery, we use the latest laser technology to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently. Who likes shaving? About the only people who like shaving… Read More »

Lesion Removal & Scar Revision GA

Making a Scar Less of a Scar

Human skin is predictable in some ways. When it is injured, it will form a scar. That’s a given. But how that scar develops and how noticeable it will be is anyone’s guess. Scar revision with Dr. Beaty is a way to lessen the visual impact of a scar. No scar can completely disappear, but… Read More »


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