Posts From May, 2017

Chin Augmentation Atlanta GA

Get a Chin Like Spartacus

So, you were lying around blobbing and came across a showing of Spartacus starring Kirk Douglas. After reveling in the slave rebellion and assorted doings of Mr. Douglas, you had to take a bathroom break. When checking the mirror, the weak chin that looked back at you was anything but Douglasian. And it’s been that way… Read More »

Brow Lift Atlanta GA | Facial Plastic Surgery Alpharetta

Tired of Being Asked if You’re Tired? Get a Brow Lift.

We’re all victims of gravity. Sure it keeps us from flying off into outer space, but it also weighs on us. Across our bodies, the pull of gravity helps make our skin sag and droop. On your brow, drooping can make other people think you’re perpetually tired, mad, or sad. Put an end to the… Read More »


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