Posts From January, 2019

Brow Lift Atlanta GA

You’re Not Tired — It’s Just Your Brows

Gravity is like the Braves were when Smoltz, Glavin, and Maddux were pitching — it wins every time. We all like to think we’re doing our best to keep up with Father Time, but the physics of gravity could care less. It’s always puling everything downward. The results show everywhere, including your forehead. Problem is,… Read More »

Spider Vein Treatment Atlanta GA

Getting Rid of Spider Veins

Spider veins aren’t painful, but they are definitely annoying. These clusters of purple, red, and blue veins appear just beneath the surface of the skin, and are yet another reality of growing older. Dr. Beaty uses a laser to remove spider veins on his patients. What causes spider veins to form? The veins are the… Read More »


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