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Face Liposuction Atlanta GA

Liposuction’s Not Just for the Body

When you mention liposuction, people think of their lower stomach area, thighs, backside, and flanks. And those are great targets for typical liposuction. But Dr. Beaty focuses on the face, and just as with those other areas, the face can use the targeted fat removal that liposuction provides. What is facial liposuction? Body contouring is… Read More »

Face Liposuction Atlanta GA

Liposuction for Your Face?

Everyone knows about liposuction on the upper thighs, the abdomen, and the hips. Those are big areas where the surgeon can move the cannula back and forth rather aggressively to break loose and then suction out unwanted fat. But what about more delicate areas such as the cheeks, chin, and around the neck? Are those… Read More »


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