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DripFusion Atlanta, GA

IV Infusion Away that New Year’s Party

Dr. Beaty and his crew are all about helping our patients look and feel great. To that end, we now offer Customizable IV Infusions. They are a great way to get the nutrients and hydration that you may be missing out on in your busy, stressful daily life. There is even a Customizable IV Infusions… Read More »

DripFusion Cosmetics Atlanta GA

Get Infused for the Holidays

Dr. Beaty now offers Customizable IV Infusions for his patients. Way more than simply hydration, IV Infusion develops customizable drips just for you. Intravenous nutrition provides essential healthcare maintenance and vitamin and mineral support to the body in the most efficient form possible. By delivering these nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the life-enhancing properties are… Read More »


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