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Closeup of woman showing on her belly dark scar from a cesarean section. Healthcare concept.

Dr. Beaty Can Improve Your Scar

Most of us have a scar here or there on our bodies. It may have occurred from a fall when we were kids, or it could be the reminder of a traumatic injury or a former surgery. Some of these scars can be in unfortunate areas where we can’t cover them and keep them out… Read More »

Dealing with Different Types of Scars

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Beaty not only performs cosmetic procedures such blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty, but he also performs various reconstruction procedures. Scar revision surgery is one of those reconstruction surgeries and it can really change the appearance of an ugly scar. When considering whether you want to seek revision surgery, it helps… Read More »

Lesion Removal & Scar Revision GA

Making a Scar Less of a Scar

Human skin is predictable in some ways. When it is injured, it will form a scar. That’s a given. But how that scar develops and how noticeable it will be is anyone’s guess. Scar revision with Dr. Beaty is a way to lessen the visual impact of a scar. No scar can completely disappear, but… Read More »


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