Posts From November, 2019

Winter’s a Good Time to Get Rid of the Tattoo

Tattoos are almost ubiquitous these days. But certain tattoos, usually those received on a whim or without much forethought, can lead to regret. Plus, they can become a problem at work. Or, they can be a little embarrassing. That “Steve” tattooed on your shoulder. Uh, he’s no longer your main squeeze and Jeff, your current… Read More »

Juvederm Can Fill in Your Holiday Calendar

While our Atlanta winters aren’t exactly the Currier & Ives variety, complete with horse drawn sleighs and frozen ponds, the falling temperatures of November signal one thing we have in common with the colder climates to our north — holiday party season! Many of Dr. Beaty’s patients like to have a little help erasing a… Read More »


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