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Most patients I see with weight issues add weight incrementally.  It does not typically all come on in one year, but over the course of many years.  Three pounds over the holidays, a few pounds over a vacation and now the quarantine fifteen.  We add it on and never bother to take our weight back down to a set baseline.  Instead, we let it keep climbing.  Make this the summer you get back to a healthy weight.  Then, repeat that same strategy to get you back to your desired weight over and over again.  Because life will keep adding on the pounds.  We’ve designed an individualized weight loss program to get those pounds off and keep them off.

Our weight loss program uses a variety of strategies to assist our patients.  The first is a genetic test, Pathway Fit, which looks at genetic markers for diet and exercise to guide specific dietary advice for each individual patient. We can use that information to set truly individualized goals for diet and exercise.  The next one is less fun, but effective.  I use the ProLon 5-day plan to jumpstart weight loss.  ProLon is a plant based, easy to use diet packaged into 5 small boxes (one for each day) that includes energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements. You can lose 5-10 pounds safely in only 5 days.  Not bad for 5 days of effort.  An InBody machine is used to analyze the composition of fat, water and muscle mass before, during and after the program.  I prefer to use more than just a number on a scale as that does not tell the complete picture.

I was asked this question (and got it wrong) many years ago.  What one thing do most people who lose weight and manage to keep it off have in common?  I said exercise.  No, it is keeping some sort of diet diary.  In the app age, that is now easier than ever.  This was reiterated at the Obesity Week conference I attended in New Orleans.  Tracking calories in some format makes a very significant difference in weight loss success.  Over the last few years, I’ve used MyFitnessPal app to track as it also easily breaks down macros (percentage of protein / carbohydrates / fats).  Both take about 10 minutes a day, or less, to use.  And, if you don’t like those, just go to the app store and type in the word weight, you’ll have a lot to choose from.  Or, go old-school and pull out a spiral notebook.

And, when you’ve lost your weight and want to get rid of the bulges that won’t go away, we have CoolSculpting!  CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical, fat reduction procedure that freezes, crystallizes, and eliminates stubborn fat. Unlike other fat reduction techniques that can damage your body, this naturally kills the fat cells beneath the skin. This FDA-cleared, cooling technology, leaves your healthy skin and muscle tissue unscathed.  And, it truly sculpts the tough areas that hold fat – belly bulges, love handles, muffin top, flabby arms, thigh saddlebags, banana rolls, and the list goes on and on.

Finally, we can also help you get more out of your time at the gym.  If you can’t hold plank for 30 minutes or do 10,000 crunches in one sitting, we’ve got you covered with CoolTone.  With our tools and technology, we can help you get the body you’ve always wanted.

Let us help you shed your quarantine fifteen.

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