Best Rhinoplasty to Mark Beaty MD

Dr. Mark Beaty is bestowed the 2023 title of Best Rhinoplasty in Atlanta by The Atlantan Best of the City awards.  Dr. Beaty also had this honor in 2022 and celebrated by inviting some of his recent rhinoplasty patients to a cocktail reception (photo below). 

Dr. Beaty has performed over 2000 rhinoplasty surgeries in his career thus far.  He has experience in all aspects of rhinoplasty including primary rhinoplasty cases to achieve improved facial harmony, managing the subtlety of the changes necessary with ethnic rhinoplasties to improve appearance and avoid losing ethnic character traits of the nose, and complex revision cases requiring a rebuild of the nasal architecture due structural collapse or cosmetic asymmetries from previous rhinoplasty. 

After his residency in Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Iowa, one of the most prestigious programs in the country, he elected to pursue fellowship training in facial plastic surgery.  His Emory-affiliated fellowship with Dr. Wallace Dyer was equally divided between aging face surgery and rhinoplasty.  He is now double board-certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and Head & Neck Surgery and has served on the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery since 2013.

During fellowship, his research work was in the area of rhinoplasty surgery and he won the Sir Harold Delf Gillies research award in 1999.  His research focused on structural support of the nasal tip during rhinoplasty and this resulted in the published paper “The Quantification of Surgical Changes in Nasal Tip Support” in 2002.  This research and paper are still routinely cited in the rhinoplasty literature and Dr. Mark Beaty is recognized as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the country. 

As someone who understands the intricacies of nasal architecture, function and support, he is often consulted by his peers for the more difficult revision rhinoplasty cases that they choose to not perform.  He is also one of the leaders in revision rhinoplasty surgeries.  When a patient is not happy with their initial surgical result from another practice or when a case does not go as well as a surgeon would like, they will often send patients to Dr. Mark Beaty for a “surgical redo” or revision of the original surgery to get an improved aesthetic and / or functional result.

For some of his more complex revisions, he uses rib cartilage for surgical grafting and providing nasal architecture support.  This can be done during the surgery when an autologous graft is taken using the patient’s own rib or donor cartilage can be used and is ordered in advance of the procedure.

One of his more recent revision cases involved the fourth nasal surgery on an adult with a congenital abnormality.  The patient was so grateful she gushed at her follow-up visit about finally having not only a “normal” looking nose, but to also have a “really cute” one.  

Dr. Beaty feels rhinoplasty is the most technically challenging of all of the surgeries he performs, but also often the most gratifying because of changes he can affect.  “I love seeing my patients’ confidence blossom as their nose transforms from the center of unwanted attention into the center of their beautiful face.”

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