Weight loss Program

Weight loss is not easy

We have a weight loss program at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery to help you meet your goals. In our practice, Dr. Laura Beaty assesses weight loss program patients via In Body to find out their muscle mass and body fat mass.  The In Body also gives an accurate calculation of your metabolic caloric daily needs which helps when setting a plan and goal for weight loss.

We use Prolon, the fasting mimicking diet, for a jumpstart to weight loss.  For patients that really like Prolon as a reset or a way to get off the extra 5 pounds from holidays or vacations, this can be one of the main tools in your toolbox to keep your weight stable.  Also, it is a great minimal effort way to lowering your blood sugar, jumpstart your metabolism and lengthen those telomeres (if you are into the anti-aging science, you’ll know what this means!).

Do you prescribe medications for weight loss?

The short answer is yes, but not everyone needs medication to achieve weight loss. We discuss the options during the initial consultation process.  While not everyone is a candidate for Ozempic or Mounjaro, we can offer other pharmacologic help to achieve weight loss.  There are safe and effective prescription appetite suppressants as well as medications to decrease cravings.

Should I use Ozempic or Mounjaro or Wegovy?

Currently, the FDA recommends use of these medications for Diabetes, Obesity (BMI over 30) or Overweight (BMI over 27) with a medical problem related to weight.  Due to the fact that these medications have side effects of gastric upset and risks of medical complications such as kidney issues or pancreatitis, the guidelines of when to use the medications should be followed.  All of our patients using these medications have been clearly advised of potential risks related to the injections.  But, if you meet the criteria, the risk is probably worth the reward.

Are there additional benefits to using the GLP-1 Agonist medications?

It does seem that patients on these medications have less cravings for alcohol as well as for food.  And smokers have an easier time quitting smoking.  While we are becoming more aware of the risks of use, the additional benefits of use are also coming to light.

How much weight should I expect to lose in your program?

Our patients that stick with the program lose anywhere from 10-30 pounds.  As you might expect, weight maintenance requires ongoing dietary adjustments and exercise.  Weight maintenance may also require intermittent additional visits after completion of the program and periodic use of medication and Prolon to prevent regain.

Come see Dr. Laura Beaty to see if her program is right for you

Successful completion of the program gets you discounts on our CoolSculpting program to get off the problem areas that do not always come off with overall weight reduction.

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