Ozempic! The Good, Bad & The Ugly

What is “Ozempic Face”?

Ozempic face is the recent term coined to describe the rapid loss of fat volume in a face seen with rapid weight loss.  Rapid facial fat loss will lead to loose, saggy skin and the face appears longer with a midface sunken appearance.  It is not a phenomenon only from Ozempic, but from any diet, medication or procedure that results in rapid weight loss.

Because of the popularity of Ozempic and other GLP-1 agonist medications, more people are suddenly losing weight.  This is certainly not a bad thing considering 42% of adults are obese as defined by a BMI over 30.  But, while most people are happy to see their abdomen shrink, they are less happy to see their facial fat volume diminish giving them a somewhat deflated appearance.

What can you do about it?

  1. Injectable filler
    • There are now a variety of injectable filler products on the market.  This is a minimally invasive approach to add volume back where needed, primarily around the cheek and midface after recent weight loss is necessary.
  2. Facial fat Injections
    • This technique is more permanent that synthetic fillers.  It involves pulling fat from other parts of your body and putting the fat volume right back into appropriate areas on the face.
  3. Skin tightening procedures
    • The best procedure would be Profound in order to tighten the sagging skin overlying the areas of rapid fat loss.  Profound is the deepest non-surgical radiofrequency technology for skin tightening currently on the market.
  4. Surgery
    • A facelift and / or necklift may be necessary to reposition the sagging infrastructure.  This done at the same time as facial fat grafting will give the best improvement possible.

Should I use Ozempic or Mounjaro or Wegovy?

Currently, the FDA recommends use of these medications for Diabetes, Obesity (BMI over 30) or Overweight (BMI over 27) with a medical problem related to weight.  Due to the fact that these medications have side effects of gastric upset and risks of medical complications such as kidney issues or pancreatitis, the guidelines of when to use the medications should be followed.

Do you prescribe these medications for weight loss?

As a part of our weight loss program, Dr. Laura Beaty may choose to use one of the above medications if the patient meets the guidelines for appropriate use.  We also use other tools such as Prolon fasting mimicking diets or other medication choices if these medications are not the best choice.  These medications are not always covered by insurance.

Are there additional benefits to using the medications?

It does seem that patients on these medications have less cravings for alcohol as well as for food.  And smokers have an easier time quitting smoking.  While we are becoming more aware of the risks of use, the additional benefits of use are also coming to light.

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