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DripFusion Cosmetics Atlanta GA

Get Infused for the Holidays

Dr. Beaty now offers Customizable IV Infusions for his patients. Way more than simply hydration, IV Infusion develops customizable drips just for you. Intravenous nutrition provides essential healthcare maintenance and vitamin and mineral support to the body in the most efficient form possible. By delivering these nutrients directly into the bloodstream, the life-enhancing properties are… Read More »

Skin Resurfacing Atlanta GA

Skin Resurfacing

As we age, we all have wrinkles, sun damage, and other skin issues that can be improved with skin resurfacing. Rather than light-based treatments, Dr. Beaty uses Portrait Skin Resurfacing. What is Portrait Skin Resurfacing? Portrait Skin Resurfacing uses nitrogen plasma energy to improve the skin’s texture and tone. While this sounds somehow space age,… Read More »

Face Liposuction Atlanta GA

Liposuction for Your Face?

Everyone knows about liposuction on the upper thighs, the abdomen, and the hips. Those are big areas where the surgeon can move the cannula back and forth rather aggressively to break loose and then suction out unwanted fat. But what about more delicate areas such as the cheeks, chin, and around the neck? Are those… Read More »

The ProLift, a Better Facelift Technique

The facelift is one of the original plastic surgery procedures, but Atlanta’s own Dr. Beaty thought it could be improved. The result is the ProLift™. Dr. Beaty developed this new face and neck rejuvenation procedure. It involves a progressive analysis of the patient’s problem areas all the way through the time of the surgery. This… Read More »

Laser Hair Removal Alpharetta GA

Get Rid of the Hair for Good

Lasers are usually seen blasting big stuff like in Star Wars or The Avengers. But they come in pretty handy for blasting millions of little-unwanted things — hair. At Beaty Plastic Surgery, we use the latest laser technology to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently. Who likes shaving? About the only people who like shaving… Read More »

Lesion Removal & Scar Revision GA

Making a Scar Less of a Scar

Human skin is predictable in some ways. When it is injured, it will form a scar. That’s a given. But how that scar develops and how noticeable it will be is anyone’s guess. Scar revision with Dr. Beaty is a way to lessen the visual impact of a scar. No scar can completely disappear, but… Read More »

Get Intense with Those Age Spots

Living in sunny Atlanta, most of us haven’t been shorted on time spent in the sun. And now we have the sun spots to show for it! Otherwise, your skin may have some acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, even rosacea, and you wonder what you can do to improve it. Dr. Beaty would advise you to get… Read More »

Microneedling GA

Give Your Skin a Little Needling

Although we’re just at the end of summer, hopefully, we all can still remember spring. Lawns and spring = aerating, the process of machine punching little plugs in the turf. The idea is to allow better penetration of fertilizer and air and to encourage the turf to grow new shoots in the aeration holes. Microneedling… Read More »

Tell the Stories, but Ditch the Tattoo

If there’s one truism, it’s that every tattoo has a story behind it. Some of those stories could be a little cloudy considering the addition of alcohol to the evening in question. Still, every piece of body art does have a story. The question is, what if you don’t want to hear that story any… Read More »

Using a Laser Get Rid of Spider Veins

Squiggly red, blue, and purple lines may have their place — on a child’s doodling with a new set of crayons — but not on your legs and ankles. Ugh. Spider veins. Caused by fluctuating hormones or simple aging, these veins show through the surface of the skin and are unattractive. At Beaty Facial Plastic… Read More »


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