The cost of Maintaining your Face over a Lifetime

The cost of aging gracefully?

The price for looking rested, lifted and natural is not inexpensive.  If you know you will want to do more than soap, water and sunscreen, there is a significant cost to maintaining your face throughout your lifetime.  Most patients start to spend more on skincare in their 20s, begin to invest in Botox, Filler and microneedling in their 30s, add a mini facelift and / or energy based procedures in their 40s, have a significant facial rejuvenation overhaul in their 50s and follow that with volume restoration, skin tightening and collagen building procedures and often a second facelift in their 60s.

You can look at the cost in different ways, but I chose by decade of life

Let’s break this down by decade with some average price points in today’s dollars. The cost of energy and surgery are added in during the decade, but the price is averaged out over the years of each decade.  For purposes of demonstration, it is very reasonable to spend $4000 per year in your 30’s, $8000 per year in your 40s, one high cost year for surgery in your 50s and continuing the $8000 per year for maintenance, one high cost year in your 60s for surgery and $10,000 per year for maintenance.

Cost per year





Botox (annual) 1500 3000 3000 3000
Microneedling (annual) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Volume  (annual) 1000 2000 3000 5000
Energy Focused (one-time expense during the decade) 5000 5000 5000
Surgery (one time expense during the decade) 10000 35000 25000
Annual Cost 3500 7500 11000 13000
Total for the decade 35000 75000 110000 130000

The one time surgical estimates per decade

The trend is to have a small nip & tuck in your 40s, a larger facial rejuvenation set of procedures in your 50s, and some maintenance surgery in your 60s.  I’ve estimated the cost for each in the above scenarios.  To plan for the bigger ticket items, it is best to start early with your financial planner.  There are also companies that will allow you to borrow for a fee and pay it back over time.  These are best used for short term financing to avoid high interest rates.

Consider maintenance and membership programs

These costs do not include skincare products.  So, this showcases why a maintenance or membership program with some built in extras and cost savings is suggested.  Our practice has a membership program which allows monthly payments and savings.  Allē with Allergan gives points toward product and services to reward loyalty.  And it is so important to find a practice and providers you trust that are not going to oversell you on products or treatments that will not benefit you in the long run.

Choose trustworthy providers

We strongly discourage paying for anything in the cosmetic world solely based on price.  The cost of redoing a procedure that did not meet your needs or harmed you will add to the overall cost of maintenance.  Choose wisely and pay for the provider you trust to give you the value of their time and expertise for your investment and loyalty.

Plan ahead for the face you want

The price tag for slowing the aging process to make sure you look rested, lifted and natural is expensive.  Plan ahead with your investment advisor, ask for gifts such as gift cards to your favorite provider and follow social for promotions on items that you want to add to your plan are all ways to help you get more out of your facial plastic dollars. We recommend planning early and if you do use a service such as Care Credit to pay for larger ticket items, make sure to pay it off before the higher interest comes into play and adds to the above numbers.

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