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Weight loss Program at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery

No one’s weight loss journey is the same. Weight management is a complex issue – genetics, lifestyle and metabolism all play a role. Our practice uses DNA Fit to test genetic markers for diet, exercise and obesity related conditions to inform, motivate and personalize your weight management journey. You may have gained the unwanted pounds during Covid months at home.  Or maybe you gained 2-3 pounds per year and are now facing 30 pounds of excess weight when you want to look great for your son or daughter’s wedding.

We love the science behind anti-aging diets. So, we use ProLon, a 5-day plan fasting mimicking diet to jump start weight loss. Prolon is a plant based, easy to use diet, packaged into 5 small boxes each including energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements. Following the 5-day jumpstart, we design a plan specific to your needs based on goals, personal history and the results of the DNA Fit genetic test.

We use In Body, a non-invasive body composition analysis, to follow your progress. This provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in muscle, fat and water. It also gives a measure of your visceral fat, which is the unhealthy fat stored around your organs. Plus, we get a daily calorie recommendation based on your basal metabolic rate.

Dr. Laura Beaty will meet with you 5 times to personalize recommendations.  With your commitment to our program, you can expect to lose and maintain the loss you achieve.

Check Our Body Shop to Enhance your New Look!

CoolSculpting can also help with unwanted areas of collected fat.  You cannot spot reduce with diets, but you can with CoolSculpting.  Even at your ideal weight, most people have pockets of fat in areas that they find unattractive.  CoolTone increases your muscle tone of the butt, thighs and abdomen. Profound radiofrequency smooths the unattractive lumps and Radiesse enhances volume.  We offer a variety of non-surgical technologies for body improvement and combine multiple modalities within our personalized packages to get you the best non-surgical result available.  Let us help you achieve your goals with on of our treatment packages!

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