Could Prolon Prolong Your Life?

In some of our blogs we’ve been detailing various aspects of our weight-loss programs at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery. These are run by Dr. Laura Beaty. In this second heated blog of a hot Atlanta summer, let’s get into an area that’s exploding in the health world — intermittent fasting. More specifically, let’s talk about Dr. Beaty’s use of the 5-Day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet.

What is the 5-Day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet?

The Fasting Mimicking Diet was created by Dr. Valter Longo, an Italian biologist and researcher, and it has been tested with decades of clinical research. The program seeks to replicate the benefits of fasting, while still providing the body with nutrition. This program avoids the severe calorie deprivation associated with other types of fasting.

How does it work?

The 5-Day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery includes five days of prepackaged meal kits. These provide all the food the person will have during the fast. All meals and snacks provided in the ProLon program are whole-food derived and plant based. The meal kits are low in carbs and protein, yet high in healthy fats obtained from foods such as olives and flax.

Day one of the ProLon dietary program provides approximately 1,090 calories (10% protein, 56% fat, 34% carbs), while days two through five provide only 725 calories (9% protein, 44% fat, and 47% carbs).

The low-calorie, high-fat, low-carb content of the ProLon meals causes your body to generate energy from noncarbohydrate sources after glycogen stores are depleted. This process is known as gluconeogenesis.

Although the ProLon diet provides only 34-54% of a person’s normal calorie intake, it isn’t a complete fast without any food. Still, this calorie restriction mimics the body’s physiological response to traditional fasting methods, such as cell regeneration, decreased inflammation, and fat loss. To be effective, Dr. Beaty recommends that the 5-Day ProLon dietary program be repeated every six months.

Pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven that periodic fasting, done for several consecutive days, is a very powerful intervention that our bodies learned to naturally cope with by protecting and rejuvenating itself. These two factors are both anti-aging measures that offer additional health benefits. The ProLon plan mimics true fasting, while providing the same benefits.

Prior to being placed on the ProLon plan, our patients need to be examined by Dr. Laura Beaty to be sure fasting is appropriate for them.

Interested in weight loss? Call us at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, (770) 753-0053, and ask about the 5-Day ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet Plan.

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