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Everyone knows about the ubiquitous BMI, body mass index. Whether it’s used to qualify for certain benefits on your health insurance plan or whether it’s your doctor’s way of chiding you for a few extra pounds and not being at your ideal BMI, this widespread measurement of body weight by height has seen its time come and go.

At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Laura Beaty leads our weight loss programs, along with various other wellness and aesthetic treatments. Dr. Beaty believes another option is better for providing body composition analysis for our patients. It’s called InBody, and here’s what is involved.

What’s wrong with BMI?

The problem with the body mass index is that it assumes we’re all the same. From that perspective, BMI then simply takes your height and your weight and generates your BMI index number.

But take a stroll around Atlanta and check out the people you see. We’re not even remotely alike. Some people have broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and they are punished by BMI. They can hold more weight due to their wider shoulders, but they are compared to a person with narrow shoulders and a straight up and down physique.

The same is true of muscle mass and bone density. Having more muscle makes you heavier, but that doesn’t mean you’re overweight. Far from it. The same is true of heavier, denser bones.

BMI also washes over differences between sex and race.

What is an InBody analysis?

InBody body composition analysis breaks down your weight and displays your body composition data on an organized, easy-to-understand result sheet. The results help you understand your fat, muscle, and body water distribution. This can then be a guide to help you achieve your weight and wellness goals.

How does an InBody scan work?

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis measures impedance by applying alternating low-level electrical currents through the water in the body. You cannot feel the current when the InBody scan is occurring.

Unlike fat, the muscles in your body contain a high percentage of water. So current flows through muscle and fat at different rates, allowing accurate measurement of each component.

Here’s a sample of an InBody results sheet:

Are you interested in coming in for an accurate assessment of your body composition? Call Dr. Beaty at (770) 753-0053 and set up a consultation.

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