Skin resurfacing with Erbium Yag Laser

What is an Erbium Laser treatment?

Erbium Yag laser light energy interacts with water in skin cells causing an ablative effect, thereby eliminating surface pigment irregularities. This skin resurfacing procedure stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin as the skin heals. You will witness your sun-damaged spots get lighter, your fine lines get smoother and wrinkles gradually diminish as the healing process continues.  And, the quality of your skin becomes healthy and bright.

Why choose a Erbium Laser treatment?

Erbium Yag is a medium intensity resurfacing/ablative laser. This treatment does not treat as deeply as the CO2 laser. This means, the consumer will need a series of Erbium Yag lasers to achieve the result of one CO2. However, the benefit of this laser is that it is less painful for a treatment and there is minimal recovery time to improved skin.  With CO2, there is a lot more significant swelling, care and maintenance while the skin heals.  With Erbium, you wash your face twice a day and keep it hydrated with adequate sunscreen to protect the healing skin.

What is the Erbium Laser treatment process?

After you allow the topical numbing to take effect, the Erbium treatment takes 30-45 minutes depending on the areas treated.  We suggest face, neck and décolletage.  Some patients also treat hands or sunspots on arms.  Most patients are red and pink for the first two days, by day 3 to 5 the skin is dry and sometimes flaky, but by day 7 most show complete recovery from the laser. The neck and décolletage areas may take longer for full recovery.  Most patients are comfortable being out during the healing process with sunscreen and make-up.

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When should I use Erbium Laser?

Erbium is one of our best tools for great looking skin tone and texture. It is done to solve problems and for skin maintenance. With a short downtime and immediately beautiful skin upon healing, it is a great way to have glowing skin for an event. To be the most be aggressive with an anti-aging skin health regimen, having Erbium annually along with routine microneedling with occasional PRP and radiofrequency treatments is best.  We’ve designed a package to allow for you to put your Best Face Forward.

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Can Erbium be combined with other treatments?

Erbium may be combined with other technologies such as Profound and Injectable fillers to achieve a more complete non-surgical transformation.  This treatment is used with caution on darker skin tones of Fitzpatrick 4 or higher. Lasers should only be used by medical personnel with expert training and knowledge of laser science.

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