Rhinoplasty Results Can Be Life Changing

What is Rhinoplasty?

woman touching her faceRhinoplasty is a procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance and balance of the entire face. From subtle changes to major reconstruction, facial plastic surgeons are the experts in rhinoplasty. As the central feature of the face, changes in nose shape can have a profound effect on the look of the face overall. For most people with a nose that is out of balance with the rest of their facial features, rhinoplasty surgery improves their appearance dramatically. Asymmetry and crookedness can be straightened, size reduced and the shape of the tip refined.

Rhinoplasty Balances the Nose With Facial Features

For patients with greater amounts of deformity, the results of rhinoplasty can be truly life changing. I have had many patients over the years where straightening of a crooked nose, reducing a large hump, or balancing the nose with the remaining facial features was transformative. As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, one of the most grafying aspects to my job is to see patients gain self-confidence as they become more comfortable with their appearance.

Rhinoplasty Improves Self-Esteem

Over my years in practice, I have seen countless patients’ personalities blossom after a rhinoplasty created more harmonious facial features or corrected asymmetries distorting the natural beauty of their face. As confidence and self-esteem improves, many patients develop improved social lives and skills, enhancing their opportunities in career and in personal relationships. As a physician, it is especially gratifying to have these kinds of cases when the overall result far exceeds the improvement made from the surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty Patient Example

I had one patient born with a cleft lip and palate, which was repaired during early childhood. As a teenager she had a rhinoplasty to correct some of the typical issues seen with cleft patients, including asymmetries of the nasal tip with poor support and projection. Unfortunately, the correction did not fully address the asymmetries of her nose, lack of tip support, and dorsal prominence. I performed a revision rhinoplasty with cartilage grafting taken from the patient. The structure of the nasal tip was restored by creating an extension graft for the nasal septum and the typical tethering of the cleft-side nasal ala released, supported with a custom-carved cartilage graft, and repositioned. The tip asymmetry was corrected and dorsal prominence reduced.

Following surgery, the balance of this patient’s beautiful face was restored and it was so gratifying to see her confidence bloom as she healed.

Rhinoplasty and Male Patients

Male plastic surgery patients present for rhinoplasty more commonly than they do for other procedures. In addition to concerns related to cosmetic abnormalities, men may frequently have issues related to previous injuries, resulting in a variety of crooked nose deformities. Restoring the normal size and contour of the nose can improve confidence, facial aesthetics, and in many cases, nasal breathing.

Rhinoplasty Enhances the Balance of a Beautiful Face

Creating balance between the nose and other facial features is a key part of the perception of a beautiful face. Abnormalities of nasal size or shape can distract from otherwise beautiful and symmetric facial features, offering the opportunity for rhinoplasty to provide a life-altering enhancement.

Rhinoplasty Results Change Lives

With rhinoplasty, results are permanent, since the changes are to the structure of the nose. Additionally, some patients may enjoy an improvement in their breathing as well as in the appearance of the nose. In my experience, former rhinoplasty patients are the ones most likely to tell me, often years later, how much the procedure improved their lives.

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