Do I need a Lip Lift?

What can I do for my thin lips?

There are several options when it comes to improving the volume, shape, and lines of the lips. Non- surgical options include a “lip flip” with precise injections of a neuromodulator (Botox TM , Dysport TM , Jeuveau TM , or Daxxify TM ) to evert the lips outward. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also a great option when done appropriately to improve the volume and shape. However, these are temporary and may not fully address volume, lip lines, or the distance between the nasal base and upper lip. More permanent options for lip augmentation are surgical lip lift +/- fat grafting to the lips. This is a permanent and long-term change to improve lip volume, contour, and shorten the distance between the nose and upper lip.

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What is a lip lift?

A subnasal lip lift is a procedure that excises skin under the nasal base and goes under the deeper tissues to shorten the distance between the nose and upper lip, called the philtrum, while rolling out the natural pink lip. The incision and scar hide beautifully in the crease under the nose and after a few weeks is completely imperceptible. A corner lip lift excises skin along the border of the pink lip in order to roll the corners of the lip out for a more sensual appearance rather than a frowning or downturned appearance.

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What is the recovery of a lip lift?

A lip lift is a procedure that can be done under local anesthesia or with sedation for those patients that would feel more comfortable. The sutures are in place for 5-7 days. The scar will be pink, but can be covered with makeup and sunscreen. At about 4-6 weeks, the color will fade into a skin-colored line. We will sometimes perform microneedling or light laser at 6 weeks and 3 months to improve the scar. Bruising and swelling can be expected for 5-7 days. Recommend soft diet for about 3 days.

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What are the results of a lip lift?

The results are immediate after the swelling resolves! You will see a difference in the volume of the lips and the shorter philtrum. This gives a more attractive mouth shape. I recently published a study that showed that the philtrum distance after surgery stays consistent 5+ years after surgery. This means that results are long lasting and essentially permanent because the philtrum distance will never be as elongated as they were before surgery. This is an amazing option to get permanent results without getting shape distortion or have to repeat procedures with filler.

If you are not happy with your lip shape or size, come in to see Dr. Celeste Nagy, Dr. Mark Beaty, or Gary Washington to see if a lip flip, lip filler or a lip lift is right for you. Call us today.

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