Liposuction for the Face

When most people think of liposuction, they think of the lower stomach or the flanks, maybe even the thighs. They don’t think about using liposuction to suction away unwanted pockets of fat on the face. 

But Dr. Beaty does. Since his focus at his practice is on facial procedures, you’re in the best hands possible when removing stubborn pockets of fat that have taken up residence in your cheeks, around your jawline, and even under your chin.

 Facial liposuction demands precision and experience with facial structures, which makes it perfect for Dr. Beaty and you. 

What is facial liposuction? 

Facial liposuction is different from liposuction performed on larger areas. There the procedure is more aggressive, as the surgeon needs to move the cannula back and forth to break loose the unwanted fat cells that are then suctioned away. In facial liposuction, the idea is to create the ideal angles in the jaw, chin, and cheek area. 

Facial liposuction is also called submental liposuction. Dr. Beaty targets excess fat cells that cause the appearance of jowls, turkey wattle, and overly plump cheeks. 

Here’s a little more detail on those areas: 

  •     Neck — By removing excess fat from the neck area, Dr. Beaty can reduce the appearance of drooping and fullness.
  •     Chin — Fat under the chin weighs down the skin and creates the much adored “double chin.” When liposuction removes this fat, the jawline can become sharper, the profile much more defined, the chin more prominent.
  •     Cheeks — Large, plump cheeks can create an imbalance in the proportions of the face. Dr. Beaty uses very meticulous, targeted liposuction here to reduce the prominence of the cheeks and even out facial symmetry.

Would I be right for facial liposuction? 

Both men and women come to our Alpharetta and Atlanta locations for facial liposuction with Dr. Beaty. The best results can be attained with patients who are of an average weight. Those over 10 percent above their ideal weight should consider losing weight first to allow the liposuction to then slim their facial contours. It’s also important that the patient still has good elasticity in his or her facial tissues. That way they are able to tighten down when Dr. Beaty removes the fat from beneath the areas. 

Are you interested in addressing those areas with stubborn fat on your face? Call Dr. Beaty at (770) 753-0053 to schedule a consultation. He’s an expert in facial liposuction.

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