The ProLift, a Better Facelift Technique

Facelift Atlanta | ProLift Alpharetta GAThe facelift is one of the original plastic surgery procedures, but Atlanta’s own Dr. Beaty thought it could be improved. The result is the ProLift™. Dr. Beaty developed this new face and neck rejuvenation procedure. It involves a progressive analysis of the patient’s problem areas all the way through the time of the surgery. This creates a perfect pairing of surgical technique to the individual needs of each patient.

How is ProLift™ better than a traditional facelift?

Every patient is unique, with different underlying facial anatomy and tissue consistency. So, why should a facelift be the same for every patient? It shouldn’t be. With a ProLift™ all aspects of your procedure, from incision length and placement to how the facial tissues are repositioned and anchored, are designed specifically for each patient.

By customizing each procedure through an analysis of the supportive tissue that is not visible from the outside, Dr. Beaty provides natural-looking results that would be hard to obtain with a traditional facelift and neck lift. There will also be minimal incisions, so recovery is easy with very little downtime.

How does a ProLift™ make for easier recovery?

During your ProLift™, Dr. Beaty evaluates each tissue plane. This allows him to determine what is necessary to release and reposition tissues. This precludes extra dissection, so only the tissues that need repositioning or modifying go through the healing process. This makes for less swelling, bruising, and a shorter recovery period.

Is a ProLift like a mini facelift?

A ProLift™ is a facelift specifically designed and tailored to the individual patient. For some patients, that will mean shorter incisions and less dissection. Do not confuse this with a mini facelift. Mini facelifts can only deliver limited results. A ProLift™ delivers the best possible result for every patient.

What is the process?

The ProLift™ begins with a consultation with Dr. Beaty. He will perform a comprehensive assessment of your facial skin, supportive tissue, and volume needs. He’ll show you where improvements will be made, and what you can expect with recovery.

Interested in the ProLift with Dr. Beaty? Call us at 770-753-0053 to set up a consultation.

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