Dr. Beaty’s ProLift

ProLiftA facelift is a facelift, right?


That’s why Dr. Beaty developed his own proprietary procedure called the ProLift™. Rather than making one-size-fits-all determinations prior to surgery, Dr. Beaty instead analyzes the patient’s problem areas all the way through the surgery, creating the perfect pairing of surgical technique with each patient’s unique needs.

How does a ProLift compare to a traditional facelift?

Some surgeons simply focus on facial skin and some repositioning of the underlying muscle. This can lead to the stretched appearance we’ve all seen.

With a ProLift™ Dr. Beaty customizes every aspect of the surgery, from the length and placement of the incisions to where anchoring should be done to elevate the muscles beneath. By examining each tissue plane, this precludes the need for wholesale dissection. He determines what areas need to be released and repositioned and what areas don’t. This is an entirely different approach than simply lifting the entire face with the lengthy incisions involved with that.

Why did Dr. Beaty develop the ProLift?

ProLift™ stands for Progressive Limited Incision Facelift Technique. This technique was developed over the past 15 years by Dr. Beaty. He did so after having mastered the full range of facelift techniques while mentoring under several different plastic surgeons early in his career. With these more traditional approaches, he was finding it difficult to know how a patient’s facial tissues would need to be repositioned prior to the actual surgery. This line of thinking meant that at times unnecessary incisions were made, and this made for longer recovery times and more bruising and swelling.

The ProLift™ is the result of Dr. Beaty’s ability to apply intraoperative analysis and technical excellence in any required surgical technique to achieve great results with minimal downtime.

Is the ProLift a mini facelift?

The ProLift™ is unique to the patient. In some cases that may mean it involves incisions that are shorter or dissection is more limited. This is not a mini facelift, per se. Most mini facelifts are limited operations that provide only limited results. The ProLift™ is not a mini lift in this sense at all. Each ProLift is designed to provide the best results possible, not only limited change.

Interested in the ProLift™ to address your facial aging? Call Dr. Beaty at (770) 753-0053 and schedule a consultation.

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