Microdermabrasions – Exposing Gorgeous Skin

I still remember the words of a thirteen-year-old boy to the thirteen-year-old acne prone me: “You would be so pretty, if you didn’t have acne.” I can tell you which event we were at, where we were when this conversation happened, and the name of the person who said these hurtful words. It’s been more than ten years, and I can still remember what I was wearing.

As I grew older, and entered into high school, my acne got worse – inhabiting both of my cheeks and from time to time my forehead and chin. It looked hideous and that, my friends, is an understatement. Already feeling unbelievably insecure about it at an early age, I tried everything from over the counter face washes to prescribed medication including Benzaclin. Although I saw some results a week after I stopped the use of Benzaclin, I never went back to it; the treatment was supposed to make my face worse before it got better, and as a student in high school, let me tell you how much I needed that!

I felt hopeless. Nothing seemed to be working. Then, I heard about chemical peels which are used to exfoliate and brighten skin. I was very hesitant to even start a treatment, mostly because of the name, but it sounds worse than it actually is, I promise. After the initial treatment, I peeled, but I can handle peeling; any more acne than I already had? No, thank you! With the use of our medical grade skin care line’s day cream, NeoCutis BioGel, the peeling went away within a few days. A week after my first treatment, I could already see results! The next step: microdermabrasions.

Microdermabrasions remove dead skin cells on the face, and stimulates new skin growth. This procedure is actually one of the most relaxing procedures I have had. The lights were turned off; I was able to close my eyes, just as I was able to in the chemical peel treatment, and relax for the duration of my treatment. After the microdermabrasion treatment, my face was a bit red, but the redness was gone within a couple of minutes.

What I love about these procedures is that they target more than just one skin type. While my concerns were strictly acne and hyperpigmentation, chemical peels and microdermabrasions also target superficial wrinkles, scars, sun damage, large pores and age spots. Since we offer packages of skin care tailored to each individual’s skin type, I would highly recommend this treatment for any individual. I absolutely love my results! With the help of Dr. Beaty, and the staff, I am able to cover all my acne marks easily with my make-up and cannot wait for the end of my treatment, when I will no longer have any signs of ever having acne.

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