New Year = Less You

woman wearing her old jeans at fitness center with weight loss applications on the smartphone screenWe all make silly New Year’s resolutions. Some are completely unrealistic.

“I’m going to read one book every week, starting with War & Peace and ending with the unpunctuated version of Ulysses.” Uh huh.

“I’m going to join a gym and spend 14 hours a week there, transforming myself from a regular person to a Marvel Comics superhero, and I’m then going to quit my accounting job and fight crime.” OK then.

Weight loss is a typical resolution, as well. Just about all of us have a few, if not quite a few, extra pounds that we’d like to lose. We know it will help our health, and it will help our outlook. But it’s hard to do.

That’s where Dr. Laura Beaty comes to the rescue. As the head of our weight management programs and The Body Shop at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, the other Dr. Beaty (a doctor in family medicine), works with our patients to help them get a handle on realistic weight loss. One of those programs is called PathwayFIT.

PathwayFIT is quite different from most other weight management programs out there. And it’s night and day different from the various fad diets that are all the rage at various times. PathwayFIT looks at over 40 genetic markers for diet, exercise, and obesity-related conditions. Using this data, PathwayFIT informs, motivates, and personalizes the weight management plans for our patients from across the Atlanta area.

What is involved with PathwayFIT?

Precision Genomics calls PathwayFIT the “precision path to diet and exercise.” Pathway FIT looks in depth into your genetics/nutrition profile, and how your body responds individually to different exercises. To do so, PathwayFIT looks at traits in eight different areas. Here are those eight areas:

  • #1 Your Eating Habits — The genetics behind how you eat. Why do you snack? Why do you want certain foods over others?
  • #2 Your Reactions to Food — How your body respond to various foods. Are you lactose intolerant? How do you handle sweets?
  • #3 Your Body and Weight — This is where you discover how to lose weight faster. How do you metabolize? What’s your propensity to obesity?
  • #4 Your Diet Match — This is where you learn your genetic diet type. How does your body respond to monounsaturated fats? Polyunsaturated fats? Omega-3 fatty acid?
  • #5 Exercise — How your body responds to exercise. What’s your aerobic capacity? What’s your loss of body fat response to exercise? How does your glucose level respond to exercise?
  • #6 Your Nutritional Needs — Which vitamins are most important to your body?
  • #7 Your Metabolic Health Factors — How does diet affect your cholesterol? How does diet affect your triglycerides?
  • #8 Your Diet Guidelines — University research has shown that DNA-based dieting was over twice as effective as fad dieting. Your unique diet guidelines match your genetics with your ratio of calories from carbs, fat, and protein. For your unique diet guidelines, the PathwayFIT plan provides a dietician who looks at your genetic guidelines and helps you customize a diet just for you.

Do you want to make a real change in your weight for 2022? Call Dr. Laura Beaty at (770) 753-0053 and ask about PathwayFIT.

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