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Young man in healthy eating and dieting How’s it going with your New Year’s Resolution to lose 25 pounds before Tax Day? You got the latest fad diet touted in the Double Bubble Gum Diet Book for Christmas and you’ve followed it somewhat religiously. Well, except for that fudge your mom made for the holidays. And there were those Kisses in the candy jar outside your office. And who can watch Netflix without a bowl of ice cream?!

We know. It’s not easy to lose weight. That’s why Dr. Laura Beaty brought the PathwayFIT program to our practice — to help our patients lose real weight and change their lives.

We talked about some of the details of PathwayFIT in 2022’s first blog. Let’s get into a few of your questions in this blog.

What is Pathway FIT?

Remind me again of what this thing is. Pathway FIT is a genetic nutrition and exercise profile that tells you how you may react to specific types of food and exercise and provides insights into how your body may process sugars, fats, nutrients, and vitamins. Pathway provides a personalized report that has detailed information and recommendations. The overall goal is to help patients optimize their health.

You can see a sample of the detailed report generated with PathwayFIT by clicking this link, PathwayFIT sample report.

How can the Pathway FIT test help me lose weight?

Having a bunch of data is great, but we know patients need more than just that. With PathwayFIT Dr. Beaty is available to help you chart your path, along with genetic counselors and dieticians from PathwayFIT. You’re not out there alone, looking at your data and your trends and wondering what to do next. We give you the next steps.

How can the Pathway FIT data make a better plan for me?

The Pathway FIT test recommends a diet type that is based on your genetic makeup. In addition to the report, Pathway provides complimentary diet plans specifically dependent on a patient’s genetic profile to assist in weight management. The diet plans were written by registered dieticians. You are also able to discuss your recommended diet plan with Pathway dieticians. You don’t have to buy a bunch of food from the plan as with other programs, and wonder what you’ll do when you return to a normal grocery store to prepare your own food.

It starts here with Dr. Laura Beaty

Pathway FIT is only available through a clinician who prescribes it. At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, that is Dr. Laura Beaty. She will take a blood sample and ship the sample to Pathway Genomics, and your sample will be processed. Using that data, Pathway will then generate your personal report, which will then be delivered to Dr. Beaty. You will come in and the two of you will then go over your report and generate a plan moving forward.

Are you interested in losing weight the scientific way? Pathway FIT is the answer. Call Dr. Beaty at (770) 753-0053 and set up a consultation.

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