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In this month’s first pre-Easter blog we talked about a couple procedures that men come see Dr. Beaty and Dr. Nagy to have performed. Where it may once have been something a man would do over a long vacation to hide his recovery, that’s no longer the case. Men want to look younger and that’s nothing to hide or be self-conscious about.

We talked about chin augmentation and rhinoplasty in April’s first blog. In this post second April blog, let’s get into a couple other surgeries our Beaty men love.

Eyelid Surgery

Who says a man’s eyelids don’t sag every bit as much as a woman’s? No one. The eyelids and brows are actually more problematic for men because the brow is naturally lower and heavier than its female counterpart. This weight can give a man a hooded, perpetually tired look in the eyes and brows. Sagging in the upper eyelid can be to the extent that the skin has begun to impede on the man’s vision.

Eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men. That’s because sagging, aging eyes make men look every bit as old as they do women.

Eyelid surgery is somewhat different for men than in women. That’s why the board-certification of Dr. Beaty and Dr. Nagy is so important. These are delicate procedures that demand surgical skill and an artistic sense. But they are completely worth it, taking a decade or more off a man’s facial age.


People assume that a man’s heavy neck appearance is usually due to having a few extra pounds. That, of course, can be true, but often it has nothing to do with the problem. Men have heavier muscle in the neck. The muscle that defines the neck angle, the platysma, can stretch and sag with age. This contributes to the jowly, soft jawline that can be common in a man’s 40s and 50s.

A facelift can help restore a strong jawline and taut neckline, in addition to removing smile lines and other areas of visible aging. Dr. Beaty may use his trademarked ProLIFT facelift technique for these surgeries if you’re the right candidate.

If you’d like to make some adjustments to your facial signs of aging, men, give us a call at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery at (770) 753-0053. Our focus is only on the face.

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