Changing Your Lips without the Fillers

Part of woman's face. Woman's lips, nose and hand. Soft skin.Dermal fillers such as Restylane Silk and Juvéderm Volbella are popular options for our patients who want to add some volume and definition to their lips. But many patients aren’t thrilled at the prospect of returning every nine months or so and doing it all over again because hyaluronic acid fillers eventually are absorbed by the body. 

For those patients, Dr. Beaty could recommend a permanent option to change your thin lips, a lip lift. 

What is a lip lift?

The area from the top of the lips to the bottom of the nose is known as the philtrum. A lip lift shortens the philtrum. 

In a lip lift, Dr. Beaty increases the amount of pink tissue that’s visible. This makes the lips look fuller and more pronounced. It also increases how much of your upper central teeth show when your lips are resting. 

Some of our patients from around the Atlanta area aren’t happy with their lips, but they’re also not interested in simply adding volume with dermal filler injections. A lip lift doesn’t do that; it adds height to the upper lip. 

What are the different types of lip lifts? 

Everyone’s lips are different, and patients have different goals. That’s why there are several different types of lip lifts Dr. Beaty may use. 

  •     Direct lip lift — Sometimes called a gullwing lip lift, this method creates a more defined lip border. Here a thin strip of skin is removed just above the upper lip, and the skin is then pulled upwards. This creates a more pronounced vermillion, the pink part of the lips. But this lift does leave a scar on the upper lip area.
  •     Subnasal bullhorn — This is the most common method, as described above. Here Dr. Beaty makes an incision that is hidden along the base of the nose. The incision is often made in the shape of a bullhorn and the center, right, and left of the lip are all pulled up toward the nose.
  •     Central lip lift — This is similar to the subnasal bullhorn, but it focuses on the center area of the upper lip.
  •     Corner lip lift — As we age, the corners of our mouth tend to descend, giving us a perpetually slight frown. A corner lip lift corrects this. Dr. Beaty makes two small incisions at both corners of the mouth, and he removes a small amount of skin. This elevates the corners into a neutral or even slightly upturned position.

How is a lip lift performed? 

Dr. Beaty performs these procedures with the patient under local anesthesia, usually with some sedation. After your upper lip and nose area are numb, Dr. Beaty makes markings on your upper lip based on the goals you are seeking to achieve. Next, he makes an incision along the bottom of the nostrils and columella. He removes the necessary portion of skin, closing the incision with very small stitches to virtually eliminate any visible scarring. There are different types of lip lifts. This description is only a general one. 

Interested in increasing the visible appearance of your lips and not simply plumping them up with a dermal filler? A lip lift could be a good procedure. Give Dr. Beaty a call at (770) 753-0053 to schedule a consultation.

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