The Importance of Photos

You know that moment at the gym when you catch yourself at just the right angle?  Maybe it’s definition in your triceps, or that six pack starting to peek thru!  Either way, your hard work is confirmed with the results that you see.

At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, we know the importance of seeing gratifying results. We know the confidence they personally bring to each of us. That is why we document each individual patient’s progress with a series of photos.  These photos, taken in a private photo room, are an important tool.  Not just for you, but also for your provider.  We value the trust you place in us when revealing the areas of concern that you have, and hold it in high regard.  It is a privilege.  I can’t tell you how many patients enjoy reviewing their photographic journey with us, and realizing those “ah ha” moments of satisfaction.


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