Facial Feminization Surgery in Atlanta

What Is Facial Feminization Surgery?

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a category of procedures in facial plastic surgery that can be
used synergistically to feminize the face. I am excited to offer this set of procedures to the Atlanta community.Candidates for these procedures are cis and trans women that feel their facial features are too masculine and want to change their facial shape. The most common concerns I hear from cis women are about a high hairline or long forehead, a prominent brow bone, or a jawline that appears masculine because it is too rectangular and/or they have a protruding chin. Trans women often feel they are misgendered in public because of their facial features, despite changing their dress, hair, and cosmetics.

What Are the Most Common Facial Feminization Procedures Performed?

The forehead shape and height can be the most tell-tale sign of femininity and masculinity. In the
upper face, the most popular procedure is hairline lowering or forehead reduction in both cis and trans women. This brings the hairline forward and shortens the height of the forehead to make facial proportions more harmonious. A hairline lowering procedure alone will not raise the eyebrows. However, for women with heavy brows, a brow lift can be done simultaneously to create a more open eye appearance and make it easier to apply makeup. A brow bone reduction surgery is combined with these procedures for individuals with prominent brow bones who wish to have a flatter, convex forehead without a strong bony ridge. During your consultation, I will analyze your hairline shape, forehead height, brow bone projection, and brow position in order to develop the best plan for you and your goals.

How Do You Choose the Best Procedures for My Face?

In the midface, procedures are performed based on each individual’s anatomy and age. The most
popular procedure is a rhinoplasty or nose job. This procedure changes the shape of the nose to create a more feminine profile. Cheek augmentation with either filler, fat grafting, or cheek implants create high cheek bones and that “apple of the cheek” appearance to give a more heart shaped facial shape. This is carefully done to look natural and refreshed and not overdone. Buccal fat pad removal is also a popular procedure for individuals with a rounder, cherubic face in order to contour the cheeks. Additionally, lip augmentation with either filler or a lip lift is an icing on the cake procedure for facial balance. A lip lift shortens the distance between the nose and lip while rolling out the red lip to create a more sensuous pout. This procedure can be safely performed with a rhinoplasty with advanced techniques. This is not a one size fits all approach and I carefully analyze and discuss the best options to enhance your features.

The jawline is a specific characteristic of feminine versus masculine features. Women with more rectangular jaw angles or prominent, square chins often feel this causes them to look more masculine and desire a more oval or heart-shaped face. “V-line” surgery has become an increasingly popular procedure to contour the jaw into a more feminine shape. During this procedure, all incisions are made inside the mouth and the mandible or jawbone is contoured to the desired shape. You can eat soft foods after the procedure and will see a difference immediately. However, it does take several months for full swelling to resolve for the final contour.

Are the Facial Feminization Procedures Done Together?

All of these procedures can be done simultaneously or as separate procedures. Additionally,
some patients only desire to change their hairline while others are more concerned with their jaw
shape. The downtime depends on how many procedures are performed.Recovery from multiple procedures may take a little longer, but you have the advantage of healing from all of them at the same time.These are procedures that are customized to each person in order to produce the most harmonious, natural results and create the best version of yourself.

Providing Patients With Confidence Through Facial Feminization Surgery

My favorite part of these procedures is the confidence my patients have after their surgical recovery and feeling like the best version of themselves. In my trans patients, they often say that they are no longer misgendered by strangers and are ecstatic over how powerful that feels.

For consultations to learn more about these procedures, please call for an appointment and I will help you develop an individualized plan.

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