CoolSculpting® Featured on Be You Only Better

At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, we know that CoolSculpting is an easy, noninvasive way to tackle your problem areas and redefine your body. On her blog, Be You Only Better, Laura Kronen shares an in depth review of her CoolScultping experience at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Beaty and our team are proud to help patients like Laura Kronen achieve their ideal body.

If you’re thinking about CoolSculpting, we highly recommend reading Laura’s blog post. Our team at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery strives to provide all our patients, like Laura, with high quality and positive CoolSculpting experiences. Our office is available online or via phone at 770-727-1824 to answer any questions you may have. Schedule a CoolSculpting consultation with Dr. Beaty to discover if CoolSculpting is the right option for you.


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