Will Insurance Cover a Rhinoplasty?

What are my options for using insurance?

We do not accept insurance. However, some procedures may be partially reimbursed by your medical insurance. We are always happy to provide you with the codes and notes to file for potential reimbursement. We do not file claims and we do not guarantee that your insurance will reimburse for any services.

Does insurance cover rhinoplasty?

The short answer is no. Insurance may cover a septoplasty if you have issues with the function of your nose. A deviated septum may make it difficult to breath out of one side of your nose and insurance recognizes this as a medical claim which is often covered. To fix the appearance of a nose, whether it be unacceptable due to genetics or past trauma, insurance will not cover a rhinoplasty as this is considered a cosmetic service. When a patient needs both a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty, insurance may partially reimburse for out of network benefits of the septoplasty portion only.

What about the operating room (OR) fees and anesthesia fees?

Insurance will not cover these fees for cosmetic services. The ORs we utilize have bundled pricing that is far less expensive than what would be charged to your insurance provider. Often, patients pay less in OR and anesthesia fees through self-pay than they would be if paying their out of pocket deductible for a medically necessary surgery. As cosmetic procedures are rarely considered medically necessary, we use state of the art surgery centers that offer the self-pay pricing for our patients.

What if part of my procedure is reimbursable by my insurance?

We also utilize surgery centers that will bill insurance (more expensive) rates and patients are able to submit the OR, anesthesia and surgical time related to the medically necessary portion of the case to insurance. We are unable to guarantee if the anesthesia providers are in or out of network for plans and there may be unexpected fees related to the OR and anesthesia that is outside of our control. The amount of reimbursement is often small as it relates to septoplasty and with less control over the bundled pricing, the cost may be considerably more to a patient even when submitting a portion to insurance.  Financing options are available to you, some with no interest for six months. 

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