The Cost of Facial Plastic Surgery

What is the cost of Facial Plastic Surgery?

The cost of plastic surgery varies considerably by location and by surgeon.  In addition to the fee for the surgeon’s time and expertise, there is a price for the operating room and for anesthesia which vary by the duration of the surgery and whether there is an MD anesthesiologist on site.  Also, the prices may range considerably due to the technique needed.  For example, a minimal incision “mini facelift” will cost significantly less than a deep-plane facelift.

The least expensive option is usually not your best option.Aesthetic Minimalist Price List Instagram Post 3

Of course, cost should never be the reason you choose a surgeon and our practice will certainly not be the least expensive option, but we do track trends and understand our price point relative to the industry and to our region and specialty of practice.  This article is to simply discuss price points to allow current and future patients to understand the cost range of different procedures.

What other cost considerations are there?   We like to speak about the cost of maintaining your results within our practice.  We offer our surgical patients discounts on the non-surgical procedures that will help maintain a surgical result over time.  For example, a facelift surgery repositions tissue that has drooped over time.  However, a facelift does not add collagen, reduce formation of new wrinkles or improve skin texture and tone.  Therefore, maintenance and enhancing procedures are necessary to get and keep your very best result.

Are the prices rising?Aesthetic Minimalist Price List Instagram Post 4    These prices are certainly not static.  Just as the cost of materials and labor rises, so does the cost of surgery.  There is a surge in credit companies offering loans for plastic surgery among other general medical expenses. There is also a trend toward offering sedation and local anesthesia versus general anesthesia for less invasive procedures which is necessary for some patients that cannot undergo general anesthesia, but it also saves a bit on the cost side.





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