Pixel8 RF

What is Pixel8-RF?

Pixel8-RF is a new technology for improving skin texture, tone and fine lines and wrinkles. Combining the advantages of microneedling with the collagen-stimulating power of radiofrequency energy, Pixel8-RF at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery helps our patients restore and maintain the very best surface appearance for their skin.

How does Pixel8-RF work?

The device works by inserting an array of microneedles gently into the skin and then passing radiofrequency between the needles. Both the physical action of microneedling and the radiofrequency interaction with tissue stimulate collagen production, resulting in improvements in skin tone, skin quality, fine lines and wrinkles and pore size.

The Pixel8-RF procedure

Pixel8-RF is performed in the office and there is no down time after the procedure. Some patients have mild redness but this is easily covered with makeup and generally lasts only a day or so. The skin is first numbed with topical anesthetic cream while patients relax in our comfortable treatment chairs. The procedure itself takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on how large and area is treated.

What areas can Pixel8-RF treat?

The most popular areas to treat are face, neck and décolletage. In addition, improvement in skin tone can be seen in other areas of the body including thighs, arms and above the knee.
Pixel8-RF may also be combined with other technologies such as Profound and Ulthera to achieve a more complete non-surgical transformation.

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