DripFusion Cosmetics

We are very excited to announce we are now offering DripFusion Customizable IV Infusions! Rather than just providing hydration, we develop a drip that works just for you! The perfect fit for all lifestyles and goals with infusions, including:

  • Hydration for Women
  • Hydration for Men
  • Menopause Symptom Relief
  • Weightloss
  • Passion for Women
  • Passion for Men
  • Nightlife Support
  • Detoxification

IntraVenous (IV) nutrition, is an essential healthcare maintenance and support tool that physicians and medical nutritionists use to help support patients who are unable to sustain the necessary level of life-supporting nutrition.

DripFusion is a unique and proprietary IV infusion blend that provides a similar level of life-sustaining support that has immediate bioavailability and life-enhancing properties.

It is also important to note that ALL DripFusion formulation elements are FDA approved.

What Happens During DripFusion?

We all try so hard to have it all- success in our careers, family, and social life. The demands of daily life have become so prevalent that we rarely have enough time to eat. What we fail to account for while we are pushing our bodies to their maximum is our body itself. DripFusion Cosmetics is a first step and integral part of improving the body’s function and combating symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, deficient immunity, aging, and dehydration to name a few.

During your visit, our highly trained clinical staff will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere and level of comfort that reflects our dedication to our holistic approach to health. Listen to our favorite playlist for relaxation, watch videos, surf the internet, heck, you can even take a nap!

Drip Fusion for Weight Loss

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are very few medications that negatively interact with the nutrient IV therapy. Your provider will conduct a Comprehensive Medical Assessment to make sure that you are not on medication that could potentially interact adversely. It is vitally important that you are completely transparent with your provider about all the medications you are taking, for any treatment.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?*

Everyday we are faced with new challenges. Our body is no exception. Your clinician will help you create a treatment plan that will work best to assure you are optimizing your results. Depending on your goals, most patients experience a difference in their bodily function after their first customized IV treatment.
*individual results may vary

Dr. Beaty and team specialize in non-surgical procedures, facial plastic surgery options and more.

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