Board-certified Atlanta cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark Beaty, founder of Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, offers a comprehensive selection of surgical procedures catering to a variety of patients and concerns. During an initial consultation, Dr. Beaty will work with each patient to determine which procedures and techniques are best to address the individual’s specific needs. The surgical procedures and services that are offered in our two metro Atlanta offices include:

Brow Lift

A browlift, also known as a forehead lift smooths forehead wrinkles, tightens excess upper face skin, and adjusts the position of the eyebrows for a more youthful appearance. It reduces sagging above the eyes and rejuvenates the eye area to create a rested, youthful look.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants or cheek augmentation works to create fuller, more prominent cheekbones. Definition is added to the cheek area while facial contours and the loss of elasticity within the cheeks are improved.

Chin Implants

Chin implants, otherwise known as chin augmentation enhance the chin with an implant or reshapes the chin by moving the jawbone forward. With chin implants, facial harmony and balanced features are achieved.

Ear Surgery/Otoplasty

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery is often performed on children over seven years of age to correct a birth defect or improve the shape or position of the ears. This procedure will often be referred to as ear pinning because the otoplasty procedure can create balance and improve the proportion between the face and ears, helping the ear lobes to appear closer to the head.

Eyelid Surgery/Blepharoplasty

Also known as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty is performed to improve the signs of aging in the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. This procedure can correct upper lid drooping, decrease puffiness below the eyes, and remove excess skin and fat in the eye area for a more refreshed look.

Facelift (ProLift™)

The Progressive Limited Incision Facelift Technique, also known as ProLift is a customized facelift and neck rejuvenation procedure developed by Dr. Mark Beaty. It uses a progressive analysis of the patient’s areas of concern, which adjusts with the patient from the initial consultation all the way through the time of the surgery.

Lesion Removal

Lesions such as moles, warts, and other abnormal growths on the face can be removed to prevent health risks. Lesion removal helps reduce the likelihood of medical issues that can arise in the future if a lesion is ignored.


Liposuction removes localized collections of fatty tissue to reduce unwanted fat and improve the body’s overall shape. It can be performed on different areas of the face, chin, jowls, and neck and is most effective on patients with average weight and healthy skin.

Neck Lift

A neck lift improves structural definition and tightens skin in the neck area by repositioning the skin and underlying supportive tissues of the neck. Hanging skin and elasticity in the neck area can be dramatically improved through this procedure.

Skin Resurfacing

Portrait Skin Resurfacing uses nitrogen plasma energy to fight the signs of aging and improve skin laxity and texture. Skin resurfacing simulates collagen production and involves no direct contact with the skin.

Nose Surgery/Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or a nose job can alter the shape or improve the function of the nose. Patients who are interested in correcting the nose’s proportion for improved facial balance can benefit from rhinoplasty. A nose job will also help those with a deviated septum or a nose-related breathing problem.

Scar Revision

Scar revision alters scars to match the surrounding area. While scar revision cannot completely eliminate the scar, it can minimize its appearance by allowing it to seamlessly blend in with other areas of the skin.

The variety of surgical procedures offered at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery in Alpharetta and Midtown Atlanta, allow Dr. Beaty to recommend the best treatment for each unique patient to provide the best results possible. Schedule your consultation today for a more youthful appearance tomorrow.



A rhinoplasty by leading Atlanta plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark M. Beaty, can improve the shape and function of your nose. This procedure is recommended for patients who wish to alter the overall appearance of their nose and improve facial balance, or to correct a nasal breathing problem.

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Dr. Beaty’s own proprietary facelift procedure, ProLift™, helps patients regain a more youthful appearance and minimize signs of aging, such as skin laxity or wrinkles. The ProLift™ procedure is tailored to the specific needs of each patient for beautiful results.

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This innovative, non-surgical treatment eliminates stubborn fat by gently cooling problem areas, such as love handles, belly fat, and back fat. The CoolSculpting® treatment is performed in our Alpharetta & Midtown Atlanta office, and requires little to no down time.

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This non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedure uses ultrasound energy to stimulate the growth of new collagen fibers. Ultherapy patients enjoy a smoother, firmer, and younger-looking complexion in just three to six months after the treatment.

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