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Dr. Beaty answers questions from our Instagram followers

  • Question 1 at 0:20 – I’m interested in Ultherapy for slightly sagging skin around my mouth and eyebrows. I am 40. Is Ulthera the right place to start?
  • Question 2 at 1:00 – If you get cheek filler and dislike it and have it dissolved, will this impact your skin or will your skin return to how it was before?
  • Question 3 at 1:40 – How much does Rhinoplasty cost and will insurance cover it?
  • Question 4 at 2:40 – Can I do laser for my face in the summer?
  • Question 5 at 3:35 – When should I start getting Botox?
  • Question 6 at 4:20 – If I have a vacation in April, is it too late to do CoolSculpting and see results? (asked in February)
  • Question 7 at 5:07 – What’s the difference between Microneedling and Microdermabrasion?
  • Question 8 at 6:07 – How long do liquid Rhinoplasties last?

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Patient Q&A


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