Cheek Implants

Cheek implants or cheek augmentation is a surgical procedure intended to create fuller, more prominent cheekbones. Cheek implants improve facial contours and add definition to the cheek area. With cheek augmentation, patients can treat the loss of elasticity within the cheeks and in turn enjoy a more youthful face.

What are the three general shapes of cheek implants?

Malar implants provide higher projection and are placed directly on the cheekbones. Submalar implants round out a sunken or gaunt appearance to provide fuller cheeks. Lastly, a combined implant augments both the cheeks and cheekbones.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Cheek Implants?

Patients who would like to get rid of the “flattened” appearance of the midface or the area between the upper lip and lower eyelid are the best candidates for cheek augmentation. Additionally, those who are interested in higher cheekbones or addressing a sunken appearance in the area between the cheek and lower eyelid would also benefit from cheek implants. Cheek augmentation candidates should be physically healthy and have realistic expectations of the procedure.

How to Prepare for Cheek Augmentation

Prior to the surgery, you will meet with Dr. Beaty to discuss the goals and expectations of cheek implants. About two weeks before the surgery, you will be instructed to discontinue taking anti-inflammatory supplements and medications. You will also be directed to refrain from alcohol one week prior to the procedure. In addition, smokers should stop smoking at least six weeks before undergoing cheek augmentation.

What to Expect During Cheek Augmentation

Dr. Beaty will make several small, hidden incisions inside of the mouth. The cheek implants are placed via this small incision, resulting in a fuller, more youthful appearance.

As an alternative to cheek implants, Dr. Beaty may also recommend an injectable filler to build up volume in the facial area. However, this technique does not provide permanent results, and will need to be repeated when the dermal filler naturally breaks down.

When Can Be Expected From the Recovery Process?

Recovering from cheek augmentation may include some swelling and discomfort as well as difficulty moving your lips and mouth for a few days. Following the procedure, Dr. Beaty will provide you with antibiotics and a mouth rinse. You will be advised to refrain from pressing your tongue into the upper gum area during recovery. Most cheek implant patients resume to normal activities within a few days to a week after the procedure.

What Type Of Results Will Cheek Augmentation Patients Enjoy?*

The permanent results of a cheek implant procedure will take several weeks to months to fully appear. Since the natural cheekbone becomes enmeshed with the implant material over time, the results are extremely natural looking.

Are Cheek Implants Removable?

Although most patients are pleased with the results of cheek augmentation, cheek implants can be removed if you decide that this surgery was not the right choice for you.

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*individual results may vary


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