ProLift for Men

During the last 10 years, Dr. Mark Beaty, the leading facial plastic surgeon in Alpharetta and Atlanta developed the Progressive Limited Incision Facelift Technique, also known as ProLift. ProLift is a facelift and neck rejuvenation surgery that utilizes a progressive analysis of a man’s areas of concern all the way through the time of the procedure. Men who choose ProLift will benefit from a perfect matching of surgical technique to their personal needs for incredible results.

What is the difference between ProLift and other facelifts?

ProLift gives Dr. Beaty the ability to target problem areas for each male patient, and develop a customized solution to meet each patient’s specific needs. Through an analysis of each man’s supportive tissue that is not visible to the naked eye, a personalized procedure is performed to meet the individual goals.

ProLift delivers impressive, natural results that may be difficult to achieve with a typical facelift and neck lift surgery. Additionally, ProLift is performed with minimal incisions to offer little downtime and a faster recovery.

Who Can Benefit From a ProLift?

ProLift is customized to the needs of each patient. Therefore, the procedure can benefit a variety of men who have different degrees of facial aging concerns. Whether you’re a man who is interested in fighting the early signs of aging or you have drastic drooping and skin laxity concerns, the ProLift procedure can do wonders for your face.

Face and Necklift Procedure Expectations

To start this revolutionary face and neck lift procedure, men will begin with an initial consultation with the creator of ProLift, Dr. Mark Beaty. You can expect a thorough analysis of your supportive tissue, facial skin, and volume needs. Dr. Beaty will also explain what you can expect from the recovery process and how each step of the treatment will impact you to obtain the results you’re looking for. Each step of the procedure will be evaluated carefully to ensure optimal efficacy.

What is the ProLift Recovery Process Like?

Since each procedure is customized to the individual, this progressive approach to facial and neck rejuvenation guarantees limited incisions and no irrelevant maneuvers. As a result, men will benefit from less bruising, swelling, and an overall easier recovery process.

Learn More Details About a Custom Face and Necklift in Alpharetta, Georgia

To reap the benefits of a facial and neck rejuvenation treatment that will maximize your results and restore your youth, opt for ProLift. This revolutionary anti-aging surgical treatment can only be found at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery.

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